Dear O C Landscaping, I am writing this letter to thank you for the magnificent work your company has done. I have received many compliments on my yard. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Outdoor Creations was very professional and prompt. I will highly recommend you to all my friends. Respectfully,

Maria Jimenez

Weston, FL

Dear O C Landscaping, I just wanted to write to your company and let you know how satisfied I am with my new landscape. Not only was it done in a very timely fashion, the workers were exceptionally neat and careful with their work. My house looks beautiful on the outside thanks to your creativity in the selections of the plants you installed. I will recommend any future customers to your company. Thank you for making my outside of my house look beautiful. Thank you very much,

Carlos & Aurea Nunez

Sunrise, FL

Thank you very much for your professional help, O C Landscaping, I am very happy I decided to go with O C Landscaping. They were very helpful and prompt. They told me they would be finished on the last Wednesday of April. I came home and my garden was completed by Tuesday. I don't see how they did it that fast... More Importantly, my home looks like a professional landscape designer did the work. I think they deserve FIVE STARS. Good work Donald Rivera and Staff I want you to do my back yard and rental property. But you have to wait until I'm ready. Call you in about two months. I hope this will help the readers to know about your company.

Sammuel M

O C Landscaping was the company I hired because I read some great reviews on google and other places on the net. They did a job well done with my landscape. One of the landscaper's was so helpful to me and I didn't even get charged for what he did for me (moved two heavy plant pots). I would definitly use them again in the future. I live in weston florida and will promote them to my fellow neighbors.

Benita B

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Your yard can say a lot about who you are, that is why O C Landscaping is here to clean you up. We’ve been serving the Miramar Florida commercial and residential areas since 2001. Give us a call today for a free estimate on making your yard the best on the block.

Professional landscaping enhances the beauty and value of your home, providing a lifetime of pride and enjoyment. Because your home is where you raise your children, spend holidays, entertain family and friends and is often your largest asset, it makes sense to make it comfortably your own with quality landscape design and construction.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of workmanship. We communicate effectively, make ourselves readily available to our clients, and always put our clients’ needs first. Many of our clients are repeat customers and direct referrals. We are proud of the continuing relationships we have cultivated over the years.

Creating a Bird Friendly Garden

The plants in your garden can draw different kinds of wildlife, different species of birds, butterflies and chipmunks to name a few. You must choose what kind of animals you want to attract to your home.

If you have your heart set on making your garden an oasis for birds, you have to start by studying the different kind of bird species in your area. Some birds are only there during the migration period. After you’ve read up on the bird species or picked the mind of an avid bird watcher you know, you have to find out what kind of food those particular birds eat. 

Add a Fountain/Birdbath:
Birds need water to survive. You can add a fountain or a pond in the garden for birds to bathe and drink. Just be sure that the water is clean and safe at all times for the birds to drink. Add Trees and Feeders:Trees planted in the garden can also serve as shelter and housing for birds and other creatures that live near your home. A good example is an evergreen tree that serves as protection against predators. Trees provide saps or seeds as a source of food for birds. You can also install a feeder, but be sure to do research on the birds you want to attract, to make sure you are adding the right seeds. 

Miramar Lawn Services FloridaAdd a Birdhouse:
In order for birds to stay for more than a day and to protect them from bad weather and predators, you can have put a birdhouse in the garden. You can make a bird house or purchase one.  They are available in many shapes and forms which are good for birds and bats. 

Add Winter Plants:
There are four seasons in a year. If you want birds to be present all year round, you should check what kind of plants can survive even during the winter.  A good example is a conifer that either in the form of shrubs or trees. These also serve as good nesting places during the summer.  Some types of conifers provide buds, seeds and sap. Since not all plants work well with certain types of soil, you should also check with a gardener before choosing what plants to buy. 

Add Native Plants:
Since the birds and creatures that you want around all year are native to the surroundings, it is advisable to use plants that these animals are accustomed to. That way, different creatures will be able to co-exist. 
Landscaping the garden for the benefit of birds and other creatures is a challenging task. However, once you have created a bird friendly garden, you can enjoy bird watching from the comfort of your own home, all year round.

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