Dear O C Landscaping, I am writing this letter to thank you for the magnificent work your company has done. I have received many compliments on my yard. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Outdoor Creations was very professional and prompt. I will highly recommend you to all my friends. Respectfully,

Maria Jimenez

Weston, FL

Dear O C Landscaping, I just wanted to write to your company and let you know how satisfied I am with my new landscape. Not only was it done in a very timely fashion, the workers were exceptionally neat and careful with their work. My house looks beautiful on the outside thanks to your creativity in the selections of the plants you installed. I will recommend any future customers to your company. Thank you for making my outside of my house look beautiful. Thank you very much,

Carlos & Aurea Nunez

Sunrise, FL

Thank you very much for your professional help, O C Landscaping, I am very happy I decided to go with O C Landscaping. They were very helpful and prompt. They told me they would be finished on the last Wednesday of April. I came home and my garden was completed by Tuesday. I don't see how they did it that fast... More Importantly, my home looks like a professional landscape designer did the work. I think they deserve FIVE STARS. Good work Donald Rivera and Staff I want you to do my back yard and rental property. But you have to wait until I'm ready. Call you in about two months. I hope this will help the readers to know about your company.

Sammuel M

O C Landscaping was the company I hired because I read some great reviews on google and other places on the net. They did a job well done with my landscape. One of the landscaper's was so helpful to me and I didn't even get charged for what he did for me (moved two heavy plant pots). I would definitly use them again in the future. I live in weston florida and will promote them to my fellow neighbors.

Benita B

Landscaping Tips

Seven Easy Ways to Landscape your Patio

Patios serve as extensions of the living rooms inside the house. They serve as mirrors and reflect how the inside of the house. It is important that the patio be decorated and presentable to those that who see it. Landscaping the patio is one way to make it attractive in the eyes of those who look at it.

Here are some tips on how to landscape the patio the easy way:

1.    An outdoor chime may be placed to add a light mood in the patio. Wind chimes and musical chimes are perfect for outdoor use. Hearing pleasing sounds in the patio can add drama to the landscape.

2.    Patio heaters may be used to provide warmth in colder weather. This will allow more time to spend in the patio rather than staying inside the house in cooler weather.

3.    Benches that are intended for outdoor use may also be placed on the patio. The benches will serve as decorations and they can be used to entertain visitors. Guests will have a place where to sit and enjoy the view of the patio.

4.    Hammocks can also be used to decorate the patio. Hammocks provide a relaxed atmosphere and they serve as additional design to the landscape garden. There are portable hammocks that are sold on the market. They are easy to assemble even without the use of tools. If the budget is limited, hammocks may also be improvised.

5.    Planters should never be missed in landscaping the patio. Patios always come with planters. They can be used to plant flowers and add beauty to the landscaped area.

6.    Hanging flower pots may also add drama to the patio. There are hanging flowerpots that are made of plastic or mosses that are placed in a frame made of steel wires. The choice will depend on the taste of the person decorating the patio. There is also a wide variety of hanging flower plants to choose from. They are of various colors and sizes that will satisfy the different tastes of gardeners.

7.    Decorator outdoor lights are also used to landscape a patio. They add a lively effect especially at night. Lights will allow the people living in the home to enjoy the patio during the evening.

Landscaping a patio is not that hard ass long as there is creativity. Even cheap accessories will add grandeur to the patio. A patio that is lovely and welcoming will reflect how the persons inside are living


Keep Your Yard Neat with Basic Landscaping Supplies

Nothing beats coming home to a house that welcomes you and makes you feel right at home. Whether it’s in the front or back yard, a garden has a lot to do with that feeling. That said, you just might consider taking the time to landscape your yard.

Don’t be intimidated by the term “landscaping”. It is simply done by adding and/or arranging things in your yard to make it both functional and pleasing to look at.

To help maintain the neatness and the look you’ve achieved with your landscaping efforts, these handy tools will become essentials in your yard.

Lawn mowers
If you have a sprawling yard, with a lot of space for lawn, you might consider investing in a power mower to save you the effort of using a push mower or clipping it manually with shears. Smaller lawns may merit the same equipment, especially if you have health problems.

Hoses and sprinklers
You’ll need to water the plants so find a hose that can reach the edge of your yard. Determine diameter of hose that can give sufficient pressure – too small and the hose May burst or too big and you may not get enough pressure.

Sprinklers are especially useful for big lawns since they save you the effort and time of watering by hand. There are sprinklers that require you to turn the faucet on and others that turn on automatically at a preset time.

Spades and trowels
Spades are smaller versions of shovels and are useful in digging up small amounts of dirt. Trowels are even smaller versions that can be used with the hand.

Both are used to dig up soil which you need to do occasionally to take out the weeds and to aerate the soil around the plants. Your plants will be much healthier if done on a regular basis.

Shears and pruners
Shears are a lot like big scissors that you use to trim hedges, vines and shrubs to keep them looking neat. Pruners are similar, although smaller, and are used for more delicate cutting within flower beds and for trimming  roses and small shrubs.

Rakes and leaf blowers
Both of these tools tidy up a garden after pruning or during fall when the trees lose their leaves. Take care when using leaf blowers because when used thoughtlessly, you may end up being resented by your next door neighbors.

These tools help you maintain your garden and keep it neat all throughout the year. When used regularly, your garden will be neat and not look like a jungle.